We’re excited to announce our newest school,
Templeton Nashville!

Templeton Academy will launch their first academic year with both middle and high schools in Fall 2019 under Kalee Barbis' leadership as Head of School.

An Introduction to our Head of School, Kalee Barbis

Kalee is the founding Head of School for Templeton. Kalee is a Nashville native with a decade of educational experience Educated at the University of Tennessee, Lipscomb, and Vanderbilt Universities. Kalee is deeply committed to personalized, experiential education. She has a strong track record in developing relationships with students and teachers, and cultivating a student-centered classroom.

Kalee spent the past three years in Washington DC, founding Washington Leadership Academy, an XQ Super School focused on reimagining high school, as the assistant principal. Prior to that, Kalee taught in Nashville for six years. She is excited to return home to bring BTA to the city.

More About Nashville


Nashville is a city of both tradition and innovation as a leader in the music, healthcare, hospitality, and tech industries. Nashville’s rapid growth brings a hundred new people to the city each day. While the city is making sweeping changes to embrace the city’s growth and innovation- one field has remained stagnant- education. With Templeton’s commitment to making private school affordable, parents can choose a model that includes personalization and experiential learning. Templeton’s mission, “to transform the lives of its students by providing highly individualized, dynamic and experiential education in small classes with dedicated and skilled educators” offers parents an education alternative that reflects their values. The city’s focus on innovation makes this an incredible fit for students to really explore the city while learning. 

Proposed Location:

  • Located in close proximity of downtown 
  • Easily accessible by car and close to public transit 
  • Service learning and community connections integrated into academic and co-curricular program
  • Extensive use of Nashville resources


Applying to Nashville – Fall 2019

Nashville Applications for Fall 2019 are now available. Read more about the process. Next, fill out sections 1 and 2 of this Nashville Registration form and email it to: nashvilleadmissions@blythtempleton.org. The rest of the document will be completed once a student gains admission to Templeton Academy. Teachers may use the Templeton Academy Template for recommendations. Please reach out to Kalee Barbis, Head of School, at 615-601-0893 or Kalee.Barbis@blythtempleton.org with any questions. 


Recommendation Form

Registration 2019-20

Applying for Financial Aid

Transcript Request Form

Request More Information

We are so excited that you are interested in learning more about Nashville’s Templeton Academy and what all it has to offer you. Please fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch with you very soon. We look forward to connecting with you.

If you're unfamiliar with Templeton Academy and would like to read about our history or check out our previous blog posts, please feel free to do so and reach out with any questions whenever you feel so inclined. 

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